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Register 2nd Warsaw B Corp Summit

This year we meet again to share knowledge, get inspired, build new partnerships for change and spread the feeling of emergency as an impulse to act.

18-19 November - online

Our main focus is to present the Idea of Regenerative Economy by showing

the practical examples presented by the world's leading entrepreneurs and to create links between different sectors while highlighting the interdependence of social and environmental issues. 


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The emergency and interdependence are what makes our situation complicated while giving more opportunities to apply collective wisdom. Our planet needs action - now. 

We can make it happen if we start to share and cooperate.


What is going to happen?

  • The event will be hosted Online – with the group of the panellist gathered in the studio in Warsaw plus remote participants of panel discussion present on the screen

  • We will build our content around one leading question: we know WHY, now we should find the answers WHAT to do and HOW to introduce regenerative practices into everyday life?

  • Turbo Talks of globally known speakers and business leader 

  • Open floor for discussion and networking with leading European B Corps and B Corps Friends.

  • Indiegogo Campaign to support our process of co-building a publication summarising

       the discussions, cases, interviews with B Leaders - "Better Business in Polish" 


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