How does it work?

After open lectures given by experts, we will discuss and learn from
each other in smaller groups, during thematic masterclasses moderated
by experienced leaders from diverse organizations.

During masterclasses we will ground our ideas and practices in four elements: 





4 elements will symbolize 4 general thematic areas: Earth (sustainability), Water (care for humanity & nature), Air (inspiring ideas) and Fire (social movements). Within every area various masterclasses will be organized, covering different sub-topics.

Our goal is to stimulate in-depth discussions in intimate
groups (max. 15 people) about practical solutions to our planet's problems. Each Masterclass will last 1 hour. 

In thematic blocks we will cover the following issues:

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Earth is a ground for everything
we do, a foundation and stability.
The protection of the Earth and its resources is a must we are all aware of. Masterclasses in this area will cover: 

  • circular economy,

  • circular packaging,

  • sustainable construction and urbanism,

  • recycling,

  • impact investment,

  • food waste and waste management.


inspiring ideas

Love is in the air and possibly
great ideas as well! 

Within air sessions we will discuss the topics of big ideas and partnerships for
a better future. We need to break old paradigm standards. We need to build longer tables and bridges connecting people. During air Masterclasses,
we will discuss on topics:

  • sustainable tourism,

  • climate action,

  • sustainable fashion,

  • technology for Good. 

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care for humanity & nature

We, as human beings, consist in 90% of water. Water is the essence of life, a spring, a source, a stream. Masterclasses in water section will cover topics such as:

  • human rights,

  • work-life balance,

  • wellbeing,

  • empathy in business,

  • fair finance,

  • biodiversity,

  • water access,

  • water protection.


Social movements

Fire as a symbol of energy and dynamism is essential for bringing disruption and deep social change. During fire section we will cover the topics: 

  • emerging social movements, 

  • education for change, 

  • resilience in business, 

  • solution journalism

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0 €​

5 and 6 November


  Free access to:

  • morning lectures 

      (Part 1 in agenda) 


70 €​


Pass for one full day
(5 or 6 November).


  Covering access to:

  • morning lectures 

  • participation in chosen masterclasses (2 per day)

  • networking space & concerts.

(Part 1 and 2 in agenda)


110 €​


Full pass for 2 days

of the event.

  Covering access to:

  • morning lectures 

  • participation in chosen masterclasses (2 per day)

  • networking space & concerts. 

(Part 1 and 2 in agenda)


Depending on the type of ticket purchased (full pass or one-day pass) you will be able 

to take part in 2 or 4 masterclasses. The detailed list of masterclasses to choose will be emailed to registered

participants by October 29th, when they will be asked to sign up to particular groups.